MMA Fighter Gets Wiped Out In 4 Seconds By Unbelievably Brutal Head Kick (VIDEO)

Knockout Kick

That’s all she wrote.

There’s nothing better in MMA than scoring a knockout victory over your opponent, and it can’t be a much better feeling than if you score that knockout victory with literally the first attack of the match.

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It very rarely happens, but that’s exactly what amateur fighter Jonesboro, Arkansas policeman Jordan Fowler got to experience over the weekend. He was competing in a 195 pound catchweight bout with Dylan Goforth as part of Pyramid Fights 2 at White County Fairgrounds.

The fight was over just after the two touched gloves when Fowler landed one of the most brutal kicks to the face I think we’ve ever seen:

Wow. That’s all she wrote.

You wouldn’t know it from this, but that was actually Goforth’s first ever MMA loss. I suppose if you’re gonna go down, might as well make it quick so it looks kinda flukey. Maybe.

This was also an Arkansas state MMA knockout record. I can see it standing for a very long time.

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