Watch This MMA Fighter Nail Knockout From On The Ground With His Opponent Towering Above Him

MMA Knockout

Knockout of the year contender.

Getting knocked out during an MMA fight is always going to be pretty embarrassing, regardless of the circumstances, but if you’ve got your opponent on the floor and you’re standing above them then that’s gotta be up there with one of the most embarrassing knockouts you can receive.

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You can see one such KO in the video below. There’s not really any information about who it is or where it’s from – other than it’s somewhere in the Middle East, so just admire it for its complete and utter brilliance and ingenuity:

Nicely. Been a while since I’ve seen anything like that in the UFC, right – gotta go down to the amateurs to see this stuff happening.

For more knockouts, check out one of the most brutal ones in history. Ouch.


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