Dude Who Sold Minecraft For $2.5 Billion Is Complaining About How Hard It Is To Be Rich

Some people just can’t handle the billionaire life.

Apparently being a billionaire isn’t as awesome as it sounds, according to video game designer Markus Persson. You might remember he  sold Minecraft to Microsoft for $2.5 BILLION back in December.

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Turns out all that money has brought him is loneliness, isolation and a lack of motivation.

Check out these Tweets he was firing off the other day:

Well, that’s depressing. Fair enough it must take a while to adjust to becoming a billionaire overnight, but at the end of the day — no-one wants to hear about your billionaire problems dude. Nobody reading those Tweets is feeling sorry for you, in fact they’re supremely jealous. You’re basically saying “my life’s so shit, I’ve got all this money laying around and no one to spend it with because all my mates are poor people with normal jobs”. Shut up dude. Spend some of those billions on a top-end psychiatrist, don’t bring those kind of problems to Twitter.

I mean seriously, we’re all hard at work after a wallet-busting Bank Holiday and this prick’s moaning about feeling isolated in Ibiza:

Ibiza 1

Ibiza 2

Ibiza 3

Here mate – splash some of your cash on this and get over it already. Rich people problems indeed.


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