Millennials Watching ‘Friends’ For First Time Say The Show Is Sexist, Homophobic And Transphobic

Imagine being triggered by Friends.

Millennials watching ‘Friends’ on Netflix for the first time have branded its storylines sexist, homophobic and transphobic. No, seriously.

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The show ran with no issues for 10+ years until 2004, but since it arrived on UK Netflix in 2017, it’s triggering a whole generation of millennial crybabies.

UK viewers found LGBT plot points made them feel ‘uncomfortable’, for example when Chandler was paranoid that people thought he was gay or when he was cracking jokes about his cross-dressing dad:

Apparently Ross is sexist because he doesn’t like the fact that Rachel hires a male nanny for their daughter Emma, and he’s homophobic because he asks if said nanny is gay.

New audiences also claim that Rachel should have been fired for sexual harassment for hiring an under-qualified assistant because she wants to date him.

There’s also the controversial relationship between Monica and her dad’s best friend who’s 20 years older than her, which reminds them of the Harvey Weinstein scandal and #MeToo stories. 

Of course, ‘Friends’ has also received fresh criticism for its lack of diversity – there were only two noteworthy non-white characters on the show: Ross’ girlfriend Julie and Dr Charlie Wheeler.

Oh and Joey Tribiani is no longer a loveable idiot, but rather a dangerous and creepy pervert.

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I just can’t imagine being triggered by ‘Friends’; a show all about young adults in the 90s just trying to figure out life. Are you even really living in the real world if ‘Friends’ offends you?

It really is the perfect summary of how pussified the world has become in 2018. I mean if millennials suddenly have a problem with ‘Friends’, imagine the meltdowns we’re in for when they get round to watching ‘Married With Children’.

As Mel Brooks said, PC culture will be the death of comedy. At least we’ve always have the video of Triumph the Insult Dog destroying politically-correct uni students.


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