Triumph The Insult Dog Destroys Politically-Correct Uni Students In A+ Internet Video

These kids just got taught a lesson they will never forget.

Years ago, Triump The Insult Dog invaded a Star Wars convention and ripped the piss out of all the nerds in attendance, and it was one of the funniest things I’d ever seen.

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He’s back for 2016 where he’s visited the University of New Hampshire to quiz a group of students from the liberal arts school about microaggressions and political correctness.

Needless to say, he makes things pretty uncomfortable for them:

Brilliant stuff. The effort those kids put into avoiding saying he obvious must have been exhausting. And man that girl in the glasses seems like she’s loads of fun at parties eh?

Still, Triumph is nowhere near the most offensive puppet in the world. That would be this fella.


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