This Is One Of The Most Ridiculously Tech Skate Videos We’ve Ever Seen And Features Some Of The Most Insane Tricks Ever

Mikey Whitehouse Tech Skateboarding

Could Mikey Whitehouse be the new Rodney Mullen?

It’s been a while since we’ve featured a really good new skate video here at Sick Chirpse, but just when you least suspect it one comes out of nowhere and absolutely blows you away.

The guy’s name is Mikey Whitehouse and he’s got some of the most absolutely insane tricks that we’ve ever thought of, let alone seen pulled out in the skate park, mainly involving busting out combos the likes you’ve only ever seen before on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. He also completely rips it at all the regular ones too with a completely sick clean style in this seriously impressive edit.

Basically, he’s going to be someone you’re hearing from for a very long time. Could Whitehouse be the new Rodney Mullen in terms of his innovation, style and ability? Check out this old school Rodney Mullen freestyle skate part to compare.

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