Watch Michael Owen Destroy A 13 Year Old Goalkeeper’s Dreams By Absolutely Schooling Him

Michael Owen

Absolute dickhead manoeuvre.

Back in the day when Michael Owen was actually a sick footballer and absolutely killing it with Liverpool and not the crocked and awful pundit that we know him as today, someone thought it would be a great idea to film a Michael Owen’s soccer skills TV special. I guess that was what people did back in the day.

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You might reasonably think that in a show such as this, Owen would teach some youngsters some skills and then you would see them bang in some goals and that probably did happen at some point. However, this clip has emerged now that probably isn’t what you expect as it shows Michael Owen pretty much crushing the dreams of a young 13 year old goalkeeper called Jamie.

Despite being coached by Neville Southall, Owen completely humiliates the young lad on camera as he runs around and scores a variety of different goals past him, including a nutmeg, a lob and long ranger. That’s not that bad, but the way Owen celebrates like he’s just won the World Cup and rubs this little kid’s face in it really is something else. Was there really any need for him to be such a prick in this situation?

Neville Southall does get a killer putdown at the end though:

That line really does sum it up doesn’t it. I don’t know why Michael Owen thought it was appropriate to act like this or why anyone on his PR team thought it would endear him to anyone, but so it goes. I suppose it is kinda funny to watch, but only because Owen is being a complete bell end really and that’s the only reasons it’s being dredged up now as well.

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