This 19 Year Old Basketball Player Just Perfectly Recreated Michael Jordan’s Space Jam Dunk

Space Jam Dunk

This guy just killed it.

Every year the NBA has a slam dunk contest where the best of the best compete with each other to try and pull off their best impressions of players from the NBA Jam video game pulling off absolutely outrageous ‘he’s on fire’ dunks.

This year the 19 year old guard from the Minnesota Timberwolves Zach LaVine went one better though and paid a homage to Michael Jordan’s Space Jam by copying the unbelievable iconic dunk from that movie. I don’t think anyone has ever seen anything like it in real life before, especially judging by the reaction of the crowd and the judges. LaVine was given a perfect score of 50 and is already a viral sensation now thanks to it. Remember the name.

Also make sure you check out the Space Jam website too. Unbelievably it looks exactly how it looked back in 1994 when it first came out. It really is a blast from the past.


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