Michael Jordan Has Made $7 Million From Lionel Messi Signing With PSG

This is ridiculous.

The Lionel Messi to Paris Saint Germain transfer is probably one of the most unexpected of all time given Messi’s longstanding association with Barcelona, but it’s probably even more surprising to hear that Michael Jordan of all people massively benefited from his signing as well.

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You see, Paris Saint Germain have their kit manufactured by Air Jordan and Michael cleverly inserted a clause into his contract with them saying that he was entitled to 5% of the price of every shirt. In the past two weeks alone since he signed with PSG, the club have sold just over $100 million worth of Messi shirts, meaning that Jordan pocketed a cool $7 million for just sitting around on his ass and not doing anything. Pretty sweet work if you can get it.

Yeah, pretty neat right? If PSG do well in the Champion’s League again – which they absolutely should do after some of the players that they’ve signed this summer – then Messi will sell even more shirts so Jordan is probably going to double his money at least by the time the end of the season rolls around. Completely sick hustle from Jordan, you have to respect it.

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