This Michael Jackson Video Makes Him Look Like The Leader Of A Rape Gang


Beyond creepy.

Michael Jackson is remembered as one of the greatest pop singers and performers of all time and rightly so, but it’s worth looking back at some of his music videos and realising how insanely creepy they can be.

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This idea is exemplified even more when you watch them without music. In the video below, Michael Jackson is following a girl around on the streets in what is clearly a bad part of town, making suggestive gestures with his hands and pelvis, before eventually getting a whole gang of people involved to intimidate her:

Whoever commissioned that video back in the day was clearly a creep. I know they changed all the voices, but it’s still seriously not cool to have some woman trying to get Michael Jackson to leave her alone, only to have him chasing after her being all sexual and weird.

Not sure how they got away with that and how more people haven’t complained about it in recent times because I’m pretty sure this video is on all the time. Maybe Michael Jackson gets a free pass because he’s Michael Jackson?

For more of the same, check out the ‘Friends’ opening credits without any music. Not quite as rapey, but still really creepy.


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