WATCH: The Friends Title Sequence Without Music Is The Worst Thing You’ll Ever Experience

Friends Title Sequence

None of them can dance.

Watching music videos without the music is always a good laugh – check out this version of The Prodigy’s Firestarter if you don’t believe me – and it turns out that this also rings true of watching television show introductions without music.

Friends is undoubtedly one of the most popular television shows of all time and its opening sequence of them all dancing around in the fountain is probably one of the most iconic opening sequences of all time. Thankfully when The Rembrandts are playing ‘I’ll Be There For You’ it distracts you from the fact that all of the Friends are absolutely terrible dancers and all of them look really, really awkward, so instead you get pumped up for half an hour of average jokes.

Without the music though it’s just really really cringeworthy and horrible, as you’ll see below. Not even Jennifer Aniston looks hot when she’s dancing here.


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