Michael Gove Is Now Pretending That Driving 60 Miles To Check Your Eyesight Is Normal

Not even Gove could keep a straight face trying to defend it.

By all accounts – except those who seem duty bound to support this government no matter what – the Dominic Cummings press conference yesterday was an absolute shit show and one of the most entertaining parts was when he claimed that he drove 60 miles to Barnard Castle in order to check his eyesight for an upcoming long journey.

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Obviously nobody has ever done this in their life previous to him, but even so Michael Gove today appeared on LBC and tried to convince the presenter that this was something he had done in the past and could sympathise with, before both of them broke down in hysterics about how stupid that line of thought actually was. Here’s the clip:

I mean it’s a great save to then try and deflect the interview onto the fact that he failed his driving test seven times as that’s another great headline that could distract from everything going on at the moment, but even that isn’t going to do it in the current climate.

Sorry pal – you’re gonna need to come up with something more ridiculous than driving to Barnard Castle to try and test your eyesight and I think a line like that probably only comes round about once every three months. Could be sooner in these testing times though sure.

Main point here is that even Gove couldn’t keep a straight face when trying to defend this ridiculous notion. More of this coming up in the next few days/months I imagine.

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