Here Are The Best Memes About Dominic Cummings’ Trip To Durham

The meme lords have had a field day.

It was bank holiday weekend over the last couple of days here in the UK and the story of senior government aide Dominic Cummings and his trip to Durham dominated the timelines and the media because of its sheer audacity in the face of lockdown restrictions that he himself had helped to devise.

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Pretty much everyone in the country tuned in yesterday for his bizarre press conference where he tried to bore the nation into sympathising with him and convince everyone that going on a sixty mile round trip to a castle on his wife’s birthday to test his eyesight was actually something real that happened. The whole escapade was one of the most meme-able events ever because of how ridiculous some of his excuses were for his actions and the whole set up that a whole bunch of them immediately appeared on the internet – here’s a few of the best:

Well, you can’t say that the meme lords out there haven’t had a field day with this one have they? Not really sure why Cummings still thinks it’s OK for him to justify breaking the rules that he created when he brought out slogans like ‘if one person breaks the rules, we all suffer’, but I guess the government is going to continue to try and justify this in the coming days and hope that it eventually goes away. Can’t really see that happening but they probably will get away with it somehow – they always seem to do so.

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