Michael Gove Drinks Water Like An Absolute Bellend

Michael Gove Drinking WAter

Is this the guy you want leading the country?

We’ve already seen David Cameron eating a hot dog with a knife and fork and Ed Miliband eating a bacon sandwich in completely weird ways and now it’s the turn of the potential next leader of the country Michael Gove to share his weird way of doing a completely normal activity with us.

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This time, it’s drinking water which for some reason Michael Gove can’t do in a normal way whatsoever. Take a look at a few of these pictures as evidence:

Michael Gove Water 1

Michael Gove Water 2

Michael Gove Water 3

I mean who the hell pouts and opens their mouth like that when they’re drinking water, or any liquid for that matter? I just tried it and it wasn’t comfortable at all – it just made me feel like I was going to spill water all the way down my face if I wasn’t careful. There’s literally no perceivable benefits I can see from drinking water that way. And you look like a grade A twat when you’re doing it. Ridiculous.

So yeah I definitely don’t really want that guy running the country for us. Unfortunately nobody reading this is ever going to have a say in the matter so we’re probably gonna be stuck with him. Great. And we haven’t even talked about how he claps like an absolute psychopath either.


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