MGK Told To Apologise After Old Video Resurfaces; Says Black Women Give Best Head

Ill advised comments.

I don’t think that Machine Gun Kelly comes across as the kind of person that really gives a shit what anyone out there is saying about him, but he might want to reconsider some of his comments from the video below as they come across as disrespectful, disturbing and pretty much racist.

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Back when he was a mumble rapper, MGK was invited to the BET awards back in 2012 and proceeded to act like a major dickhead when he was interviewed, saying that black women gave the best head, imitating them performing that action and then calling the interviewer a bitch when she walks off because she’s so upset with his response. This probably isn’t a good look at the best of times, but at the BET awards – a predominantly black space mainly featuring black women – then it really is a strange way for MGK to be behaving. That’s just MGK though I guess.

The woman who originally posted the video is demanding he apologise for it and a lot of people are backing this view up, but curiously one woman has replied who claimed to be the interviewer from that day and says that there’s no need for him to do anything. Take a look below and see what you think:

OK, I gotta say that is kinda gross and immature from MGK, but if what that woman below the original tweet is saying is true and he was asked that question twice whilst on the red carpet, I don’t really think that his response is that bad. What was the interviewer hoping to get out of him if not something dumb like that? I think he was probably about 21 or something in the clip as well, so even though that’s no real excuse for acting like that it does seem a little bit more understandable.

I can’t see MGK himself apologising but I guess it’s up to you to make your own mind up about him. He still seems like a bit of a jerk now but I don’t think he’s as bad as this so maybe he has grown up slightly after years of controversy and we probably shouldn’t cancel him over some ill advised comments almost a decade ago. Stay tuned?

For more of the same, check out this other clip of Machine Gun Kelly justifying having sexual relations with underage girls. Hmmmm I guess he does have a bit of explaining to do.


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