Meth Pills Are Being Made To Look Like Children’s Sweets In Honour Of Halloween


Trick or treat?

Halloween is a much loved holiday that seems to have only gotten better with the passage of time, but of course there are some people out there who want to ruin it for everyone.

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This time it comes in the form of drug dealers who have turned meth into sweeties in honour of the occasion and naturally parents are freaking the hell out about their kids actually doing meth when they’re trick or treating. You couldn’t really make this stuff up could you?

The news was broken by Dublin Police Department – Dublin, Georgia, not Dublin, Ireland – after they posted the following Facebook update:

PUBLIC AWARENESS ANNOUNCEMENT:Please look through your child(rens) candies during this holiday season. Any suspicions,…

Posted by The Dublin Police Department on Monday, 22 October 2018

That’s a lot of information to take in there isn’t it, but I suppose the most important part of it is that the police don’t think there’s any intention that drug dealers are giving these drugs to children, just that it makes sense to check anything your kids might receive before they eat them just in case. It’s still highly unlikely that this will happen to your children so everyone but the biggest hypochondriacs can rest easy, especially as this information is coming from the US state of Georgia as well.

I seriously doubt anyone over here would be so crass and stupid, even if they are drug dealers. All you need to do as a parent is worry about the crappy past the sell by date sweets their kids are receiving from that grumpy old man down the road instead.

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