Mesmerising Examples Of Long Exposure Photography

Spark up and get involved.

I bought a long-exposure App for my iPhone the other day, after being inspired by the following amazing images – it was totally useless, so don’t bother. I guess I was hoping to recreate some of the magic for myself. Of course, it never works like that.

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Thankfully, some people with proper cameras and a bit more time on their hands have created some pretty darned beautiful long exposure photos on our behalf, so we can just sit back and enjoy them.

I’ve selected a bunch of photos from a bunch of artists, looking at glow sticks, glow worms and forest fires. Pop your chill on and get involved:

(Click through the images using the arrows)

Terence Chang

Long Exposure Photography - Terence Chang 1

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The first few come from Terence Chang who uses long-exposure techniques on American airports.

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