Megan Fox’s Ex-Husband Is On Instagram Convincing Himself That They’re Getting Back Together

This is brutal.

Anyone who has ever been dumped goes through that delusional phase where you think you’re going to get back together again one day, and it looks like that’s where Megan Fox’s estranged husband Brian Austin Green is at these days.

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During an Instagram Live the other night, the Beverly Hills 90210 actor admitted he was ‘annoyed’ by Megan Fox’s public declarations of love for new boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly, but also believes he and Fox could get back together again:

I never say never. I kinda feel like people are on paths in life and sometimes your paths are together and you travel that path together and you see eye to eye and then sometimes paths do different things.

Now I don’t want to make fun of this guy because at the end of the day he married Megan Fox and I’m just some lowly blogger writing about him, but come on man, that just isn’t gonna happen. I know he probably thinks she’s just out there having fun and she’ll run back to him once she’s got it all out of her system, but you have to remember she’s also posting shit on social media calling Machine Gun Kelly her ‘twin flame’ and ‘two halves of the same soul’ and crazy stuff like that.

Now in that pic Megan Fox has either just had sex or is about to have sex with Machine Gun Kelly, but she’s taken the time out to share the photo and add a lovey dovey caption to it. Imagine being Brian Austin Green and seeing that pop up on your timeline? It’s gotta be tough but somehow he’s still holding out hope that it’s only temporary.

I’m happy to eat my words if she does end up getting back with him but based on all the above, I wouldn’t hold my breath. Good thing he’s probably capable of pulling someone else just as hot. Get out there and do your thing Brian!

And now what you actually came here for…

For Machine Gun Kelly describing Megan Fox’s feet as ‘the most beautiful feet to ever exist’, click HERE. Wonder if Brian Austin Green thought so too?


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