McDonald’s Has Released Its First Line Of Clothing And Homeware With Big Macs Emblazoned All Over It

Big Mac Clothes

I’m lovin’ it.

McDonald’s are always trying to push the envelope these days and get people to fall back in love with their brand – be it by launching gourmet burgers in Australia or teaching people how they actually make their burgers (yeah right) – and another stunt they’ve pulled this week is to launch a big mac themed group of clothing and homeware in Stockholm. Wait, what?

Yeah, you can now buy your own clothes, wallpaper and household products with big macs emblazoned all over them. Quite why you would want to do that, I’m not sure but there must be someone out there who likes Big Macs that much, right? Or dumb people who have too much money and are going to buy them anyway solely for the lolz.

You might think this is a stunt and you would be well entitled to think that because it is sort of – it was part of a global week of stunts around the world to try and get people loving McDonald’s again – but you can actually buy the products if you want from the Big Mac Shop over in Sweden. Not sure how much they charge and whether they ship to the UK or how long they’re available for, but it’s worth a look if that’s the kind of thing that turns you or your significant other on.

Check out all the products on the slideshow and see if there’s anything that takes your fancy. You know, like a pair of Big Mac wellington boots or a Big Mac bed set.

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