McDonald’s Has Started Serving Gourmet Burgers

McDonalds Gourmet Burger

McDonald’s have jumped on the current burger craze that’s sweeping the nation.

McDonalds has long been rinsed all over the world for serving crap food that looks nothing like it is actually advertised (check out these pictures if you don’t believe us) but it looks like thy might finally be trying to change their act and come up with something a little more in line with recent trends judging by these pictures that are emerging from Australia.

They’ve introduced a gourmet burger range over there that actually – dare I say it  – looks like it might be pretty decent. There are 19 different options that you can choose to create your own burger, including different types of cheese and a whole bunch of different toppings including beetroot and guacamole as well as a whole bunch of different sauces. However, whether the quality of the meat is any good is obviously something that is up for debate.

To be honest, I think McDonalds is onto a winner with this even if it is dogshit because it’s the kind of thing people are after at the moment. Whether it will happen worldwide is another question though. One thing’s for sure though, they’re never going to produce a burger that will rival the deep fried mac and cheese burger.


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