McDonald’s Have Finally Released Their First Ever Christmas Menu

Mcdonald's Christmas Menu

If you like the Big Tasty then you’re going to be happy.

For some reason, people get really excited about fast food restaurants releasing special Christmas menus, so it’s kinda surprising that McDonald’s have taken so long to finally come up with one.

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Here we are though in 2019 and they’ve finally gone through with it and the good news is that if you’re a fan of the Big Tasty then you’re going to be happy. Not only is the classic burger back, but it’s also joined by the Chicken Big Tasty, cheese melt dippers and the Malteser Reindeer McFlurry. I’m sure you can get what all of those are, but just in case you can’t here are pictures of each and every one of them:

Look delicious don’t they? Of course, when you actually go to McDonald’s it will probably look like a whole bunch of crap someone threw in between two loafs of stale bread, but just the fact that it’s limited edition and looks like this will probably be enough to tempt you in won’t it? At least the McFlurry will probably be nice though. Can’t really go wrong with a McFlurry.

If you’re really into Christmas menus, then check out this deep fried Christmas dinner. At least that’s a bit original.


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