Do McDonald’s, Burger King Or KFC Have The Best Fries? We Ate All Three In A Day To Find Out


And the winner is…

There’s been an age old feud over which junk food giant produces the best fries out of McDonald’s, Burger King or KFC and after pondering the question for literally years – I thought I’d better put this argument to rest.

Obviously everyone has their own favourite, but has anyone ever compared the three after eating them all in the same day? I wasn’t about to eat chips for breakfast – and no offence to anyone who does – but I decided to eat two portions of fries for lunch and another around dinner time. This way I’d remember which would be the clear winner and stuff like my change of mood from day to day wouldn’t really come into it.

All the variables would stay the same, I’d order a portion of regular fries from each restaurant and make some notes whilst eating them. As somebody who feels the need to constantly slather their meals in ketchup, I took along my own bottle with me as to not sway the outcome.

It’s a no brainer that the quality of the product would be effected by who’s working that day, whether it’s around lunchtime or the branch itself but this examination is purely surface level only. Anyway, this is what I found out.



Price: £1.09

Whilst purchasing my first set of fries in the queue at McDonald’s, I genuinely heard a teenage lad asking his Mum whether she preferred the chips here, at Burger King or KFC. This experiment is now dedicated to him, whoever he is.

After waiting for quite a while (so much for fast food) my regular fries arrived and I eagerly ripped open the brown paper bag to get to the goodies inside. Unlike McDonald’s fries I’ve had before, these ones were freshly hot and very study and I was impressed. At first I was pretty satisfied with the food but there seemed to be an oily aftertaste that wouldn’t leave even after an entire bottle of water.

Burger King


Price: £1.49

Despite no staff being present as I arrived at the counter, the Burger King waitress was totally on the ball once she’d appeared out the back. The fries arrived way quicker than the ones at McDonald’s and she actually seemed vaguely human.

The fries themselves were a lot thicker compared to their counterparts from Maccies and a lot less saltier. As someone who doesn’t usually add salt to their chips, this was perfect for me. The flavour was also a lot more preferable and didn’t leave any unsavoury aftertaste, perhaps this had something to do with their larger surface area. Delicious – but you definitely get less in a bag whilst costing 40p more.



Price: 99p

The poor server couldn’t quite understand that I’d want regular plain fries with absolutely nothing else but aside from that, she was a capable employee and got me my order straight away. Quickest service out of all.

These KFC fries were the cheapest out of the three but the price definitely didn’t reflect the quality or the taste. You get roughly a similar amount to what’s in a Burger King bag yet they’re a finer cut, very similar to McDonald’s. Unlike McDonald’s though, the chips don’t come pre-salted, leave any sort of after taste and were pretty fucking delicious.


502718563_5a933a699e_o (1)


WINNER: Burger King

Now we know why they’re named after royalty.

Runner Up: KFC

Finger lickin’ good indeed.

Loser: McDonald’s

Guess that’s why their mascot is a clown.

Overall there was a clear winner in terms of taste and quality, and that was Burger King. The only plus to the McDonald’s fries is that you get slightly more for your money but I’d honestly rather pay a few pence more and go elsewhere if I started to feel the junk food itch. Clearly if I’m gagging for some cheap unhealthy cuisine and it’s the nearest place, I’m still not going to turn it down.

I was mostly surprised over finding that KFC was as good as it was after walking into this experiment with the preconception that they had the worst product of the three, it felt kind of nice to be proven wrong.



Soz Ronald mate.

Before you start to rage over your favourite, take heart in knowing that they’re all still delicious and probably way better than any local generic chicken shop fries or most shop bought chips by miles.

Not everyone is going to be happy with the outcome but especially not this crazy guy who tried to murder a Burger King employee over a milkshake, he obviously loathes the place. Perhaps he should’ve ordered an ice cream instead because he blatantly has no chill.


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