Dude Attempts To Murder Burger King Employee Because He Was Unhappy With His Milkshake (VIDEO)


A Burger King employee was threatened and attacked by an unhappy customer this week after he complained about his milkshake.

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Alejandra Estrada, 60, was beaten up by the man who was yelling that he was going to “kill her” for fucking up his milkshake.

I don’t know what this guy was expecting from his Burger King milkshake, but it’s not exactly their speciality is it? If you go to Burger King expecting anything other than an average milkshake, you’re going to be disappointed. Regardless you don’t just go around trying to kill Burger King employees for messing up your order, milkshake or otherwise. In fact picking fights with anyone working a minimum wage job is just such a dickhead thing to do. These people have a hard enough time getting through the day without killing themselves, without having some lunatic jump over the counter and try do it for them.

But at least she didn’t suffer the same fate as this Burger King employee:


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