McDonald’s Is Launching This Incredible New ‘Big Brekkie Burger’

Big Brekkie BUrer

Game changer.

Having your breakfast in burger format has become a pretty staple trend over the last few years and with good reason – it’s absolutely delicious and it completely rules eating a burger for your breakfast.

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Inevitably, McDonald’s were going to catch onto this new fashion and bring out their own ridiculously cheap version of it, but for once it actually looks and sounds pretty decent. Of course, they always look great in the pictures don’t they – it’s when you actually try them that you realise they’re rank AF.

Anyway, playing Devil’s Advocate here, this is what is contained in the burger:


I mean I’m not sure about the cheese and BBQ sauce as they’re not exactly traditional breakfast items, but you know it looks pretty good so I’m not gonna be too worried about that.

You probably noticed that ‘Aussie beef patty’ though and as much as we wished that that was just some new badass cut of meat over here, it does unfortunately mean that it’s only available in Australia right now, and even then only at a limited amount of locations. What a goddamn tease – classic McDonald’s. Maybe we’ll see it over here in about ten years or something.

For more of the same, check out the giant Big Mac. For once this is actually available in the UK. Makes a change.


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