McDonald’s Announces Return of Chicken Big Mac

It’s back.

Massive burger news this week as McDonald’s have announced the Chicken Big Mac is returning to menus a year after they sold out a UK trial run in 10 days.

This is very interesting news as McDonald’s looks to take a bigger chunk of the chicken market with all the great chicken options around the high street; KFC, Morley’s, Nando’s, Popeye’s etc.

It's returning to restaurants later this month. Credit: McDonald's

You’d think Maccies might come up with a nice new premium chicken recipe if they were truly looking to make a statement in the chicken game, but nope. Looks like they’ve just swapped out the beef patties in a Big Mac for McChicken patties and voila; there’s your Chicken Big Mac.

It will land in McDonald’s across the UK and Ireland on Wednesday 29 March at 11am, just in time for your lunch break. It will cost £4.49, with prices varying across restaurants, but can also be bought as an ‘extra value meal’ for £6.09.

It features a triple layered bun and two 100 percent chicken breast patties. Credit: Twitter/McDonald's

Given its popularity last year, McDonald’s has issued the following press release:

Fans will need to be quick to get their hands on it this time round as once it’s gone, it’s really gone…

I’m going to try get my hands on it this time seeing as the original Big Mac, in my view, is one of the finest burgers ever created. The beautiful thin patties. The shredded lettuce and cheese and special sauce forming a wondrous combination. It’s only natural to want to find out whether these ingredients hold up on a chicken sandwich so hopefully we’ll get to find out on Wednesday. Can’t wait. See you at Maccies!

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