McDonald’s Addicts Queued For Three Hours For Fast Food After Restaurants Re-Opened

The celebrations have begun.

I guess I kinda knew that McDonald’s was really popular – there are enough of their restaurants all over the world and they’re literally always packed – but the Coronavirus pandemic really has brought it into focus just how popular they are in the UK and now France.

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Firstly you had absolutely gigantic queues for all of their drive thrus over here when it was announced that they were closing down and now you’ve got three hour long queues of people waiting for food in France the moment that they’re re-opened. Have these people never had a burger from somewhere like Five Guys? Or better yet had a shot at home of making one of their own?

Here’s a couple of videos/social media reactions of what’s currently going on in France:

People have posted messages and videos on Snapchat.

I was thinking of stopping there after returning from the races, but there were already so many cars … It was not possible.

I went shopping around 5pm and the line was already starting to look like a snail. It must have lasted until 10pm.

Friends waited up to three hours to get their McDonalds!

Wow. I mean it’s just crazy when you see stuff like this and you realise the extent that people actually do adore McDonald’s. Not sure if we deserve to beat Coronavirus if this is how we choose to celebrate.

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