A Flock Of Sheep Has Visited An Empty McDonald’s During Lockdown

They’re lovin’ it.

Perhaps one of the more unexpected aspects of Coronavirus has seen a bunch of animals wander into urban areas and reclaim them from their human overlords and the latest in this series has seen a bunch of sheep visit an empty McDonald’s restaurant in Ebbw Valley.

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Andrew Thomas was the first person to share pictures to social media and he had the following to say about the sheep heading on down to try and scrounge some chicken nuggets or whatever:

Even the sheep in Ebbw Vale are having McDonald’s withdrawals.

There are aways sheep wandering the streets of Ebbw Vale where they come down off common but never seen them in McDonald’s before.

I was leaving Aldi next door after doing some shopping for my mother who is on isolation and stopped on the way out to take the picture.

I mean it’s well deserving of a snap isn’t it? Don’t think I ever thought that I would be here sharing so many pictures and videos of wild animals taking over everyday institutions, but this is the reality that the Coronavirus pandemic has forced upon us. Probably see a whole lot more before it’s finished as well.

For more of the shame, remember when these mountain goats headed down to Llandudno to reclaim the town? Unbelievable scenes.


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