You Can Now Buy Mayonnaise Flavoured Ice Cream And It Looks Completely Gross

Mayonnaise Ice Cream

2018 people.

Back when I was a kid you pretty much only got vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream flavours, and maybe every now and again if you were lucky some mint chocolate chip or rum and raisin might show up or something.

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Of course, it’s a very different story now with Ben & Jerry’s coming up with all kinds of ridiculous flavours – which are usually awesome – but I really think that this ice cream shop in Falkirk might have gone too far with their latest creation. It’s a mayonnaise flavoured ice cream and although I’m a big fan of mayonnaise and ice cream, I’m not sure if a combination of the two is something I ever want to try. I mean get a load of this:

Ewwwww. I mean mayonnaise is great as a condiment but that’s why it’s so great – because you just use it as a condiment and not the main event. Ice cream is the main event – or at least dessert/a meal – so you don’t wanna combine it with mayonnaise which you should only use as a condiment in the first place. There is too much of a good thing, and I think this might be the perfect example of this.

Having said that, I haven’t actually tried it myself so if someone wants to buy me a tub and send it down then I would definitely give it a go. Trouble is that it’s probably going to melt on the journey by the time it gets down to London so it’s pretty useless even trying it out I reckon. So it goes.

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