Matthew McConaughey Wants To Return As ‘Rust Cohle’ For True Detective Season 3

Please let this happen.

True Detective season 1 was a brilliantly-acted work of genius, and much of that had to do with the awesome character of Rust Cohle, which allowed Matthew McConaughey to show everyone what a quality actor he really is.

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After the disaster that was Season 2, there’s some hope that True Detective season 3 will bring back what made Season 1 so awesome, especially now that McConaughey has expressed interest in returning

He told DirectTV’s Rich Eisen Show:

I miss Rust Cohle, man. I miss watching him on Sunday nights.

On if he would reprise the role:

It would have to be the right context, the right way. That thing – when I read (the original script) I knew in 20 minutes if I can play this guy, Rustin Cohle, I’m in.

Listen to him bang on about playing Rust in the full segment below, he legit misses being that character.

Well, looks like time is a flat circle indeed. I really think this has a chance of happening because season 2 of True Detective was really shit and the only way you can guarantee people will bother with season 3 is if they know Rust Cohle is back. If they can bring Woody Harrelson back as well, even better.

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