Matthew McConaughey Has Joined The University Of Texas As A Professor

‘I get older, they stay the same age.’

When you think about it, Matthew McConaughey probably is one of the most successful actors of the past couple of decades – he’s played some truly memorable characters, played the lead in a bunch of successful movies and won an Oscar – so what else is there left for him to do?

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Well apparently conquering the realm of education is one of the items left on his bucket list as he’s just revealed that he’ll be joining the University of Texas in Austian as a professor for the next semester. McConaughey actually graduated from UT in 1993 and has been a visiting professor since 2015, but he’ll now assume the role of ‘professor of practice’ at the Moody College of Communication as faculty in the Department of Radio-Television-Film.

Not really sure what that means but we’re also told that McConaughey will be teaching a script to screen production class which he developed the curriculum for and that he’s been praised by fellow professors for his ability to work with students beyond the classroom. That’s nice isn’t it? Great to see a guy who’s rich and successful beyond words giving his time back to people coming up from where he once was. Don’t see anyone else in Hollywood doing that.

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