Matt Hancock Self-Isolating Days After Being Pictured Playing Rugby In The Park

Oh dear.

It’s been a rough couple weeks for Matt Hancock after he was absolutely savaged by Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain, but he’s about to get some reprieve from car crash interviews after potentially coming into contact with COVID himself.

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Hancock took to Twitter earlier to say he’d been pinged by the NHS app, which told him he had been ‘in close contact with somebody who has tested positive’.

Hancock says he is now self-isolating and will be ‘staying at home and not leaving at all until Sunday’:

I’ve got to work from home for the next six days. And together, by doing this, by following this and all the other panoply of rules that we’ve had to put in place, we can get through this and beat this virus.

Everyone in the comments wished him a speedy recovery and commended him on the great job he’s been doing. Lol – just kidding. They let him have it as usual:

Some people are giving him grief about playing rugby with his kids in the park a few days back, but I think we can give Hancock a break on that one, seeing as the guidelines allow exercising outdoors within your bubble (even if he was playing in a button-up shirt and jeans – wtf?)

Either way, hope he’s better at rugby than he is at football…

In any case, Matt Hancock’s self-isolation comes at a convenient time for him where he’s under more public scrutiny than ever regarding the government’s handling of the virus. He now won’t have to worry about any awkward or difficult questions, unless journalists are going to keep shouting at him over Zoom? I mean there’s plenty to talk about….

Not looking great, is it? Like Matt Hancock says though, we’re in this together! Now let’s round this off with the classic interview from GMB, now at 25m+ views. Incredible:

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