Someone Has Created A Thread Of Matt Hancock Acting Weird And It’s Awesome

If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry.

I would argue that most people in the country probably didn’t know who Matt Hancock was at the start of the year, but now his face, inept communication style and downright weirdness are forever going to be linked with this country’s failure to mount anything like a passable defence against the Coronavirus pandemic.

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There have been innumerable instances of him being completely weird and cringeworthy throughout the year and thankfully Twitter user Emily has decided to compile them all together in a thread as an early Christmas present. So without further ado:

I guess you have to laugh at all this stuff, but then you remember that this idiot is in charge of the country’s response to a global pandemic that on all accounts has been a universal disaster. Then you just have to keep on laughing because the alternative is to literally cry.

Think my favourite one is where he accidentally says ‘it’s been good having me on’. Or was it even an accident and maybe he meant that? You wouldn’t put it past him would you?

Maybe things will get better in 2021. Yeah right.

For more of the same, check out when Piers Morgan completely destroyed Matt Hancock on Twitter. That was a good one.


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