Matrix-Style Action Replays In Baseball


Americans don’t do subtle. I like my steak cooked and seasoned whereas Uncle Sam likes his with 25 toppings, sparklers and the stars and stripes meticulously griddled into the meat.

This style over substance approach permeates to pretty much every corner of over-the-pond culture and of all the things that scream “look at me!” – sport does so the loudest.

Not content with half-time laser extravaganzas and action sporadically interjected with commercials, cheerleaders, sponsor announcements, more commercials and the occasional 17 minute Star Spangled Banner guitar solo – they’ve now come up with this.

freeD is the new technology being trialled at the home of the New York Yankees. The groundbreaking development has achieved something no one thought possible by making baseball mildly interesting. Early studies indicate a 10% decrease in boredom-induced comas amongst spectators.

Every time America does something like this it only makes Sepp Blatter and his FIFA buddies look even more incompetent considering they’ve only just managed to crack the comparatively simple principal of Goal-line technology. Idiots.

Check it out below.

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