Baseball Fan Catches Baseball In His Beer, Then Downs It Like A Boss

Baseball Fan Catches Baseball In Beer

This is probably the most interesting thing to happen at a baseball game in the history of baseball games.

Baseball Fan Catches Baseball In Beer

This happened a couple of weeks ago but is still pretty awesome, and to be honest it wasn’t that widely publicised so you probably missed it. Basically, one of the most interesting/funny things to ever happen in a baseball game went down, because let’s face it baseball is probably one of the most boring sports in the history of sport and nothing that interesting ever happens in it. I’d even say it was probably more boring than cricket, which is really saying something.

So I think this happened in the first week of the season or something and the Seattle Mariners were playing whatever the team from Houston is called when one of the players hit the ball into the crowd. As a baseball fan you must dream of catching the ball when someone hits it into the crowd – I mean why the hell else would you be a fan of baseball and actually go and watch the games live, it doesn’t really make any sense does it? But I doubt any fan has caught it in as much of a sickhead way as this guy.

The dude saw the ball was coming right for him but he had a full beer so couldn’t really use his hands to catch it, so instead he just held up his beer and caught the ball in that. That’s a pretty hard catch so I think we should all respect what a sickhead he is. Then to complete the scene and make him even more of a brap, he chugged the beer and finished it. See what I mean about this being the most exciting thing to ever happen in baseball? It even got a couple of replays.

Check out the video below:

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