Martin Shkreli Just Received The Ultimate Humiliation From A Group Of Teenagers


What goes around comes around.

Martin Shkreli was one of the most universally hated people last year, when he announced that he would be hiking the price of a drug for people who had HIV by 5000%.

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Well, what goes around comes around as it turns out that Shkreli has now been outsmarted by some Australian teenagers. Working away in their lab for the last year, they’ve devised a way to produce about $110,000 worth of Pyrimethamine (the active ingredient in Daraprim) for about $20. That works out at about $2 a dose. That’s awesome.

Here’s what student Milan Leonard said about it:


It was ecstatic, it was bliss, it was euphoric.

After all of this time spent working and chemistry being such a high and low, after all the lows, after all the downs, being able to make this drug, it was pure bliss.

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No shit. Unfortunately even though these kids have managed to do this, it’s probably not going to have much effect on the US pharmaceutical market – apparently there’s a legal loophole that allows Shkreli’s company Turing to control the drug despite being out of patent.

That’s a major bummer, but the fact that a bunch of kids have managed to effectively replicate it with readily available ingredients should mean that someone else can do it soon and start selling it over there too. Hell, they could just post the formula up on the internet and it might help people out that actually need it. Basically Shkreli should be running scared, this is big news. Hopefully his reign of terror will be over soon.

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