Zack From ‘Saved By The Bell’ Looks Completely Different Now


RIP Zack Morris.

Back when we were kids, pretty much everyone in the whole world watched ‘Saved By The Bell’ because there were hardly any children’s TV shows and it absolutely ruled. Everyone would be getting up early on Saturday mornings to see what Zack and the gang were up to down at Capeside.

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‘Saved By The Bell’ ended about twenty years ago though and Mark Paul Gosselaar is a fully grown man now and guess what? He looks completely and utterly different. No longer does he have that bleached blonde loveable rascal look, but now he has brown hair and a massive beard.

I know it shouldn’t be that surprising when people grow up and end up looking differently, but this is such a massive departure from his look that it makes you think it’s the final nail in the coffin of Zack Morris really doesn’t it? Cop a load of this:

Mark Paul Gosselaar

Yep, if you walked down the street and saw him I doubt for one second you would think that was the same kid who used to terrorise Mr Belding all the time, but if you look in his eyes then you can tell that it is. I would probably ditch the beard though dude.

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In case you’re wondering what Gosselaar is up to these days, he’s starring in a new TV show called ‘Pitch’ about a female baseball player who makes it into the major leagues. He plays a grizzled old veteran on her team who obviously isn’t very happy about the situation. Sounds like it’s going to be a stormer.

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