You Can Now Listen To Master Of Puppets With The Snare Drum From St. Anger

Lars Ullrich Snare

This literally made me scream.

Wow. This has got to be the best/worst idea in history – possibly even a worse idea than actually recording St. Anger with that ridiculous snare sound in the first place.

I’m pretty sure if you’ve clicked on this than you know what the snare sound from St. Anger is – pretty much the worst drum sound in history – but in case you don’t let me just reiterate it for you: it’s the absolute worst drum sound in history and it’s absolutely perplexing and bizarre that a legendary band like Metallica would choose to release music using it. It’s fucking dire basically if I haven’t already mdd myself clear.

So somebody obviously had the genius idea to replace every snare hit in one of Metallica’s classic songs Master Of Puppets with the snare from St. Anger to illustrate just how crappy the snare makes it. Seriously if you manage to make it through eight minutes of this then you’re a better man than me – I had to turn it off because I was screaming at my computer scream after about a minute. Lars Ullrich you are a twat.

If you want to listen to something cooler than this to do with Metallica then check out this compilation of every single one of James Hetfield’s ‘yeahs’. It’s awesome.

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