Maskless Woman Coughs On Driver And Says She’ll Never Take Uber Again; Immediately Banned By Lyft

Serves her right.

I’m not sure if that many people in this country have even heard of Lyft, but over in America it’s a big rival to Uber.

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Now that that little bit of housekeeping is out of the way, here’s another funny story about people that are still refusing to wear masks and acting like absolute dickheads regarding the whole situation. I kinda thought that these sort of posts might be over as we seemingly edge towards the end of the pandemic, but it sadly turns out that this probably isn’t going to be true for a while.

Anyway, we’re in San Francisco for this one where an Uber driver named Subhakar Khadka picked up a group of three women, one of whom wasn’t wearing a mask. He offered to drive her to a gas station to buy one as she didn’t have one, but the group started to get angry with him and started yelling racial slurs and threatening to kill him.

After he kicked the women out of his car, they then started coughing on him and yelling that they had the virus, before ripping off his mask and snatching his phone off the dashboard. What a bunch of reprobates:

This was then followed up by the troublemaking woman in question uploading a video of herself claiming that she was going to sue Uber for banning her due to the incident and saying that she would aways ride Lyft in the future, like she had a choice

Unfortunately for her though, Lyft caught wind of her upload and moved swiftly to ban her from the platform:

Lol. I don’t think you can really argue with the actions of both the driver and the respective taxi apps here because the safety of their employees are being compromised by this woman’s activity.

Even if you’re an anti masker/don’t believe in the virus, then she’s quite clearly being racist, physically assaulting the guy and screwing with his stuff and you can’t be doing that when you’re in an Uber. Sure some people will be defending her to the hilt though and call into their civil liberties etc etc, but seriously just wear a mask for the ten minutes you’re in a Uber FFS. It’s not that hard.

For more of the same, check out this anti masker  meltdown in Alaska from last year. Truly insane.


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