NASA Mars Rover Accidentally Draws Penis On The Surface Of Mars

NASA Mars Rover

It’s good to see that finally – after $800m and 9 years trawling around the surface of Mars – one of NASA’s Mars rovers has done something worthwhile.

What the hell is this? Two posts about Mars in one day here on Sick Chirpse? Pretty unprecedented huh? Anyway this is something that definitely needs to be talked about today because it’s completely awesome. As you may or may not know NASA sent a couple of exploratory vehicles up to Mars in 2004 at a cost of $800m so they could search the planet for water and aliens. At least they’re spending that amount of money on something useful right?

Anyway, since then the two exploratory vehicles – named Spirit and Opportunity have since driven across 10 kilometres of Mars and have found neither aliens or water. They’re still looking though. However, Spirit has gone AWOL after NASA lost contact with it during a sand storm when it got stuck in some sand which is probably a bit of a blow to the program. $800m and they didn’t think to make it sand resistant or whatever huh? Great. Opportunity still continues to roam around the plains of Mars searching for stuff and not really achieving anything useful, unless you’re a space geek that wants to know about rock formations on Mars that is.

Part of the robots programming is apparently for them to spin around in circles loads and loads to test the terrain and try and find new routes on the planet. As a side effect of this it appears that one of them has unwittingly drawn a giant penis on the surface of the planet. I don’t know if it’s funnier that this happened unintentionally, or whether it would be funnier if it was just some bored NASA technician who decided to drive the vehicle around so it made a giant penis. Either way, it’s still really funny.

So funny in fact that when someone posted it on Reddit earlier it caused the NASA website to crash because that many people wanted to see it. I guess there’s one constant in life and that’s however old you get dick jokes just don’t stop getting funny. You can see the picture below, along with one I found on the Wikipedia page for Mars rovers which kind of makes me wonder why nobody spotted this before, considering it’s been on the page since 2004 – this kind of implies the rovers must have been drawing dicks on Mars for the past 9 years. I guess nobody funny cares about Mars rovers, it’s the only explanation.

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