This Couple Is Getting Divorced So That Their Girlfriend Doesn’t Get Jealous



It’s often said that once people get married, the spice really leaves the relationship, which is why you’re seeing more and more people becoming polyamorous, as outlined in the story below.

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Bisexual 31-year-old Cristina Kaiser met her 39-year-old husband Benno 12 years ago and they now have three children. Cristina felt like something was lacking from their marriage though and wanted to invite a girlfriend in to spice it up.

It took her a while, but she eventually met 21-year-old Sierra Kuntz, who was first invited into their bedroom but later found a way into their hearts. She now lives with them permanently as their shared girlfriend and acts as their stay at home mum whilst the other two work.

In fact, Cristina and Benno’s commitment to Sierra is so great that they’re actually getting divorced so that she doesn’t feel jealous of their relationship. Benno said the following (and here’s a video of them all hanging out):

Cristina and I discussed this and we feel like it’s a necessary step so that Sierra understands the depth of how much we love her and want her to be part of our family.

In the future one of us may marry her so that all three of us have legal rights to our children.

Well, it sounds like they’ve got it all figured out huh, despite it obviously being a completely unorthodox relationship. Let’s hope they work it out, the kids grow up fine and it doesn’t end up like ‘Big Love’. Not that I ever watched that show, but I imagine it didn’t turn out well at the end.

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