Watch This Married Cop Shut Down A Social Influencer Who Was Thirsty For His Attention

What a legend.

I don’t think anything makes the ladies swoon harder than a man who’s totally in love with his wife/girlfriend and shuts down all interest from other women because of it.

This cop gave a pretty good demonstration of that this week by explicitly rejecting a social media influencer who prompted him to rate her out of 10, and doing so in style:

Welp, not the answer she was expecting really. Although the fact she called him “I, Zack” probably didn’t do her any favours. I mean check out the look of utter disappointment after he rates her a 1/10…

But even after he calls her desperate and explains that no one is touching the bond he has with his wife, she basically falls in love with him right there and then…

If only all men could be this way eh? With any luck this girl learnt a lesson about the importance of making a genuine connection with somebody, rather than just being happy to be seen and desired because she’s conventionally hot. What a top tier bloke, seriously. Bet his wife is also a quality woman also. Hands off, ladies!

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