16-Year-Old Girl Approaches Old Man & Tries To Bait Him Into Saying Stuff That Would Make Him Look Like A Creep

Very cheeky.

If you’re an old man sitting on a bench and a scantily-clad 16-year-old girl comes up to you and starts asking if you would shag her, it’s probably best to just get the hell away from her as fast as you can.

TikToker Bianca Spano has this new thing called ‘How To Catch A Cr33p’ where she goes round hitting on old men and seeing if they reciprocate, which would make them the creep, you see. Not her, of course!

Well played, old man. Well played. OK he was kinda skating on thin ice a little bit ranking her a 10/10 but then totally saved it by pretending that he was too old to know what “smash” means and also too old to take her on a date. Top marks for self-awareness there.

So yeah, Bianca is gonna have to do a bit better than that if she’s to start up her own successful paedophile hunter channel. A saturated market these days for sure. Although it’s one thing baiting predators who are actively seeking victims online and quite another trying to set up random men in the street who are just minding their own business.

To watch a group of teenagers attack a grown man after he sent a dick pic to their 16-year-old friend, click HERE. That’s one way of dealing with it I suppose.


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