This Dude Skating In A Closed Water Park Looks Like He’s Having The Sickest Time Ever

Marky Clemens Water Park

How has nobody thought of this yet?

Given how skating often goes hand in hand with trespassing and messing stuff up and generally being a badass, I can’t believe that nobody has done anything like this before.

It basically involves Marky Clements going to a water park that is closed for the winter – so there’s no water – and proceeding to skate one of the biggest slides there. It looks like one of those ones where you go down in a rubber ring and go up and down the half pipe whilst spinning round and round – which is obviously awesome – except he’s on his skateboard and getting some mad air, and also managing to pop a trick.

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Absolutely sick – my only question is why the hell hasn’t he filmed a whole part there yet? Surely it’s crying out for someone to do that as a next level skate video?

It kind of reminds me of when Tony Hawk did a horizontal loop the loop on his board recently.


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