Marks And Spencer ‘Luxury’ Biscuits Just Got Exposed Big Time

The scandal that’s set to rock the nation.

It was only a matter of time before this got found out, and thanks to 25-year-old Pete Marshall from Cornwall that time is now.

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Pete sat down with a cup of tea and a box of “extremely-chocolatey” M&S luxury biscuits, only when he dunked one of them into his tea the chocolate melted away to reveal… a custard cream. God-damn motherfuckers…

Marks and sparks are a bunch of cheapskates

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Pete says:

I was dunking biscuits into hot milk and as the chocolate came away I noticed that the base of one of the biscuits was actually a Custard Cream.

I’ve always held M&S in quite high regard when it comes to food, and finding out that they were using a more common biscuit as a base was a bit of a shock.

M&S have commented and say that this is no mistake, and the biscuits are simply made using a custard cream mould, but the biscuit itself is of better quality:

The biscuits used in the selection box are made with a luxury biscuit ingredient mix and are made using the custard cream mould before being covered in chocolate.

They may be in a custard cream mould, but they are not custard cream biscuits.

Hmm, not sure about that one M&S. Sounds a lot like lazy biscuit-making to me. Surely a ‘luxury’ release should have its own design? And not just copy the custard cream mould which is a totally budget biscuit not worthy of the carrying the luxury tag. Nah mate, completely unforgivable. This is England – you don’t fuck people about on their biscuits.

You’ll never sell your biscuits for £10,000 at auction at this rate – fact.


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