Artist Creates Amazing Collages Using One Dollar Bills

Artist Max Wagner has thought of an interesting way to use dollars: cut them up and turn them into collages. Check out the short documentary and some of his work.

Think of all the things you could do with a dollar. I realise the question is pretty pointless here in the UK but asking what you could do with 62p is probably a lot shorter article. So hypothetically think of the things you could do.

I’m going to assume cutting it up and turn it into a collage was not on the list. Well don’t worry as artist Mark Wagner did think of doing just that. He’s been working on his collection since 2011 and has created a rather large portfolio consisting of portraits, illustrations of animals and surreal works revolving around George Washington.

He described his reason for using the one dollar bill in a new short film by The Avant/Garde Diaries which you can watch below:

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Check out some more of his work on the following pages:

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