Mark Hamill Swerved The Graham Norton Show To Visit Sick Kids In Hospital

The force is charitable with this one.

Mark Hamill, or Luke Skywalker as he’s otherwise known, decided that he didn’t want to join the rest of the Star Wars cast on The Graham Norton Show. But it wasn’t in a dickhead diva tantrum or anything like that, it was to go and visit some sick children in Great Ormond Street Hospital.

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The 64 year old decided to surprise the children with an impromptu visit, which off the back of the new Star Wars film being the biggest of all time, is a pretty big deal.

He spent time with a young kid called Jake, and his grateful mum said:

It was great to meet Mark — we always watch the films. My brother Scott is a huge fan — he made me watch them when I was little. He is going to be amazed.


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Hamill said:

Star Wars movies are meant to be a couple of hours of diversion from reality, and we need that. They are optimistic and hopeful stories. But in comparison to what we can do with this [the hospital], last night [the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens] is very trivial.

Fair play to the guy, it’s a top gesture that I’m sure everybody at the hospital will remember for the rest of their lives.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens has broken pretty much every record in Hollywood, but with today’s CGI methods, it’s a long way from the old school film-making way of the original back in 1977.


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