The New Mario Game Looks Like It Could Be The Best Game Release Of The Year

Super Mario Odyssey

Breathing new life into the much-loved classic.

There’s no denying that Mario is one of the most iconic and important video game characters of all time, as so many of his revolutionary games have constantly changed the playing field.

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In fairness though, it’s been a while since Mario 64 came out and recent incarnations like ‘Super Mario Sunshine’ and ‘Super Mario Galaxy’ just didn’t have the wow factor that once accompanied the release of a new Mario game. The latest instalment for Nintendo Switch looks like it’s going to remedy that problem though.

The trailer for ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ just dropped at E3 and it looks absolutely phenomenal. Take a look at it below:

Yeah I know, I can’t believe that Princess Peach managed to get kidnapped by Bowser again either.

But in all seriousness, this game does look awesome. Not only do all the worlds look completely sick, but this new ability to jump into other enemies and control them via Mario’s magic hat looks completely jokes. Catchy song too.

No news on the release date yet unfortunately, but it’s seriously making me consider getting a Nintendo Switch. That’s really saying something as well.

For more Mario, here’s a heavy metal version of the theme song. You can’t beat it.


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