Marilyn Monroe Threesome Sex Tape With JFK And RFK Up For Auction

It may be a sex tape of 3 dead people shagging, but does this have the potential to be the greatest sex tape of all time?

A top secret sex tape of Marilyn Monroe supposedly banging ex-President John F Kennedy and his brother Robert is going up for auction this week and could end up all over the Internet, a former Hollywood bodyguard claims.

The tape — shot on 8mm film — will be auctioned by the Tulare Country Sheriff in California after he seized the item as part of a lawsuit involving a dude named William Castleberry, who says he had the tape for years but wouldn’t talk about how he obtained it.

Castleberry, a memorabilia collector, is currently being sued for $200,000 after he allegedly sold fake statues to several people in California. When he couldn’t afford the payment the sheriff came in and seized some of his collected memorabilia to auction off, including the famous sex tape.

Castleberry’s lawyer said: “I have no idea what’s on the tape, it could be what my client says, or it could be a Disney cartoon. The only way anyone will ever know is if they buy it and view it. The entire lot will go up on auction on Tuesday and the minimum bid will be $200,000.”

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OK then — so a memorabilia collector who owes 200k for fraud after selling fake statues to people suddenly has a sex tape of the Kennedys double teaming Marilyn Monroe. Only thing is no one’s seen the tape except for him and even his lawyer can’t guarantee he’s telling the truth. Only way to find out is to buy it and see for yourself. Sounds a bit dodgy really, doesn’t it?

On the other hand let’s pretend this tape actually exists. Greatest sex tape of all time? Definitely has the potential. After all Marilyn Monroe is probably the sexiest woman who ever lived. Most men would cut their dicks off just to make eye contact with her. Only thing I can think of that’s better than boning Marilyn Monroe would be to be one of the Kennedy brothers. Big time power moves were clearly being made.

Only weird thing is that it’s a sex tape of 3 dead people shagging, but, I can live with that.

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