Marilyn Manson Has Bizarre Onstage Meltdown Before Storming Off Mid Set

Marilyn Manson Performs At AccorHotels Arena In Paris

Marilyn Manson is still probably one of the most controversial rock stars out there and has been flying that banner proudly for the last twenty years or so, but I don’t think there have been too many instances in his life where he’s let his fans down.

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This did happen last week though at one of his shows in New York City. Manson suffered what’s being described as an onstage meltdown, where his band jammed out elongated version of his songs whilst he ranted and moaned about how the audience didn’t love him enough, relationships, sex and everything in between, before abruptly dropping the mic and leaving the stage after an hour and fifteen minutes of this crap.

There are a bunch of videos of the incident floating around, here are a couple of the better ones:

Needless to say, the fans weren’t pleased and voiced their disproval, many of them booing him during the show and some others demanding their money back after the show. Here’s what one fan wrote in a (now deleted) Instagram post:

Manson came out with a bang but the whole thing deteriorated very quickly. A couple songs in, he went into a conversation with the crowd about how much we loved him (or not). Asked for cheering and the usual rock star ego stuff.

I think we all started to realise something was wrong. Once he was temporarily satisfied, it didn’t improve. They would start songs only to screech them to a halt a minute in.

There were very drawn out versions of songs where Manson mostly rambled on about our lack of love and other bizarre things. After an hour and fifteen minutes of this, he threw his microphone and left the stage.

House lights came on a couple minutes later. I don’t think they completed more than 4 songs. It was the strangest, saddest and worst concert I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to a lot.

Damn, that sounds terrible, I doubt anyone’s going to be getting a refund, but it might be an idea for Manson to have a look at himself – he hasn’t actually come out with a statement of his own following the show so we’re not sure where he’s at right now. Let’s hope there’s nothing too serious going on with him.

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