This Man’s Tattoo Was So Bad, It Actually Killed Him (NSFL)

Think before you ink.

A man has sadly died from a tattoo gone wrong, after he contracted a flesh-eating bug.

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The 31-year-old ignored the advice of the tattooist and decided to swim in the Gulf of Mexico just five days after getting the (rather shit looking) religious tattoo, despite the fact that he was supposed to wait two weeks.

The man became infected and developed a fever, chills and a rash around the tattoo. His health swiftly deteriorated over the following two days and by the time he was admitted to hospital, his leg had turned purple.

Things got even worse after that, as his organs started to fail and he had to be hooked up to a life support machine. He battled with septic shock, which had started from the infection, and his body eventually shut down. He died in the hospital.

(Picture: BMJ Case Reports) Why you really shouldn't go swimming with a new tattoo: Man ignores advice to wait for 2 weeks and DIES after catching a flesh-eating bug and developing sepsis

Whoa – poor guy. I always assumed that the aftercare was just exaggerated as a precaution, but clearly I was wrong. Turns out that you can quite literally die if you fuck about after getting inked. RIP to this man and hopefully his story will teach anyone who decides to get a tattoo that cellophane and nappy rash cream is the way to go.

Or maybe to stay on the safe side, just get one of these incredibly realistic temporary tats instead. No risk involved.


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